Winter Lazarus


Winter Lazerus is a Grammy-nominated, 12-time multi-gold and platinum award-winning record producer, composer, artist, musician, and mastering/mix engineer. His early work includes the recording of Donald Fagen’s “The Nightfly” which was nominated for seven Grammy Awards. Winter’s work on “The Nightfly” also included production concepts and singing vocals. He has worked with diverse artists such as Michael Jackson, Martin Scorsese, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd and Clint Eastwood. He also worked on 2 Sundance Winning Films “Dig!” and “Fuel”.

Winter has been involved globally on creative projects from Manhattan to Paris, Iceland to Ireland. His current focus involves Virtual Reality, Immersive Domes and Augmented Reality. He has a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies and is currently completing a novel, a song-cycle, an opera, album tracks , a new Immersive Dome project and music for films and tv. As of 2017 Winter is working closely with Norwegian artist (and partner) Heidi Torsvik and is looking to bridge creative work between Los Angeles and Bergen where he and Heidi will make a home. Winter feels that Bergen (Norway) is a soulful and fertile place for new and original artistic vision.