Heidi Goodbye


One of Heidi Torsvik’s creative alter-ego’s is named Heidi Goodbye. To date, there are 2 Heidi Goodbye albums, and for the most recent 2017 release called, “A Flash of Bliss”, Torsvik has chosen to be a hands on Producer (and sometimes Director) of her own music videos. This has included inviting other Directors to participate in visualizing her Heidi Goodbye Universe. She intends to create videos for every song on“Flash of Bliss.” Both her albums are released on Vinyl, CD and Digital formats.

Torsvik has also started to compose for her third album which she will create together with Producer Winter Lazerus. This is a concept album where the story-line explores the mysteries and atmospheres in a strange and soulful forest, using songs that represent different moods, life- forms, creatuers, dreams and emotions. Torsvik then plans to take the next song collection in to creative formats like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Immersive Domes.

Heidi Goodbye looks forward to continuing to create her much anticipated and well attended Live Concert Events and her most recent concert in Bergen, for the Release Party of “A Flash of Bliss” was sold-out and critically acclaimed.

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“The album, with vocals by Heidi Torsvik, is whimsical and incredibly good. Natural and genre-breaking, clean and new as a spring day, born from creativity and musical enjoyment. What an upturn. ” VG (5/6)

“Jazz trained Torsvik takes the listener into moods that are both inviting and unsettling at the same time. This is magical campfire music, and lyrics, melodies and especially the vocal are direct and present”.Bergens Tidende (5/6)

In the English music magazine The Wire, they describe her like this: ” Heidi Goodbye is the archetypal folksy indie chanteuse, so selfconsciously twee and ” ironic “that she makes the singer from The Cardigans sound like Howlin´Wolf . “